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Pay the full price of our software product and enjoy all updates are free, provided that you get the latest version yourself by downloading it. This has been the case since version 1.0. Just install the new version over the old one.

Keep your software safe from the people.

The system allows companies to have a mobile workforce, while protecting valuable company assets including data, intellectual property (IP), confidential information, and protected information. Endpoint Encryption not only protects laptops and desktops, it also supports the encryption of several types of removable media devices, including USB drives, external hard drives, and CD/DVD/Blue-ray media



Getting started.

For you, our customers, we have done a two way option to download our software. There is one that you can pay right now, and another, that you can pay 1% now and the rest one week later.

Safe – Not Cheap.

Get the beautiful UI software, which thanks to a modular content blocksĀ  makes customization easy and enjoyable.
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Our software is miniature file-encryption and transfer solution that works toward simplifying the process of sending encrypted files from one person to another.



encrypts data and files and keeps them safe for secure transfer in emails or across the internet.


On the go

The software works by continually encrypting and protecting data even as the data is being captured, processed, and stored, so that no vulnerabilities can be exploited.


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